Campus - Description

The Campus of the University of Vienna has its historical roots in the 18th century, when Emperor Joseph II had what was then Vienna’s major poorhouse converted into the city’s first General Hospital. Ownership of the entire building complex was transferred from the City of Vienna to the University by way of gift in 1988.

Housing 16 departments of the Faculties of Philological and Cultural Studies and of Historical and Cultural Studies, a lecture hall centre with two lecture halls, numerous service points for students, as well as shops, offices, cafés and restaurants, the Campus has many faces. With lawns and trees, the 13 courts of the complex offer pleasant surroundings where students, staff and members of the public can take a rest, shop, have food and drinks or enjoy art and culture offerings.

The combination of modern infrastructure with historic flair makes the Campus complex a much sought-after venue where a broad range of events, from congresses to celebrations, from exhibitions to athletic competitions take place.

The Campus of the University of Vienna is close to the historic city centre and easy to reach by public transport.


Access Plan

VenueRoomFloorLength (m)Width (m)Hight (m)Area (qm)Suitable for WheelchairsCapacitySeating
CampusOld Chapel 1st FL16,348,526126,5no60Theater
CampusAula GF18,586148yes100Theater
CampusLecture Hall A
GF1614,55,5232yes207Bench rows, ascending
CampusLecture Hall B
GF1614,55,5232yes186Bench rows, ascending
CampusLecture Hall C1
GF24,717,98,5442,1yes450Bench rows, ascending
CampusLecture Hall C2
B11,213,75,1153,4yes150Bench rows, ascending
CampusLecture Hall D
GF24,612,68310yes250Bench rows, ascending
CampusSeminar Room 1 GF18,66,4 4 119,04yes40Bench rows, level
CampusSeminar Room 2 GF15,46,4 4 99 yes30U-form
CampusSeminar Room 3GFyes30Bench rows, level