Monuments and commemorative plaques

1. The University of Vienna can erect monuments for deceased persons whose scholarly achievements continue to be held in high esteem by the expert community. Monuments can be erected in the Arcaded Courtyard of the Main Building as well as on any other premises of the University of Vienna.

2. No monuments can be erected for living persons.

3. The minimum amount of time that has to pass between the demise of the person to be honoured and the inauguration of a monument to her/him is 15 years. This period may be shortened if the inauguration marks the 100th birthday of the person so commemorated.

4. Commemorative plaques listing certain groups of persons or officials of the University of Vienna or which inform about certain events in the history of the University shall not be regarded as monuments within the meaning of paragraph 1 above.

Naming of rooms

The University of Vienna may give specific names to buildings, courts and rooms (including lecture halls and other rooms dedicated to teaching).

Such designations may be: the name of a living or deceased person, the name of a legal entity, or a reference to a certain even.

Lise Meitner