Honorary Doctorate

The University of Vienna may award a doctorate honoris causa to any person who enjoys an excellent reputation among the academic community as a result of her/his work in an academic discipline, who has provided outstanding services in furthering the academic mission of the University of Vienna, and who is connected to the University of Vienna through her/his scholarly pursuits. The requirements laid down in the study regulations are waived for honorary doctorates, and the latter are granted upon nomination by or in consultation with the organisational unit for the relevant discipline.

Outstanding academic achievement (external candidates)

Nomination by:
University Board, Senate, Rector, heads of organisational units

Nomination to be submitted to:

Decision by the Rector
Confirmation by the Senate
Consultation with the competent body responsible for study matters and the heads of the organisational unit for the discipline

Entry in the Honours Book of the University of Vienna

For a list of honorary doctors of the University of Vienna, listed by the dates on which the doctorates were awarded, see Forum Zeitgeschichte.